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The Farmers Market Global x Fossa Chocolate

Our limited edition Yuzu Sea Salt 54% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar is handmade from scratch in collaboration with award winning craft chocolate maker Fossa in their Singapore atelier. Fossa is a leader in the incredibly laborious bean to bar new wave chocolate movement happening around the globe, where the single unifying theme is cacao beans of respectable provenance. Our organic cacao is ethically sourced from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, who pays a premium to highly skilled farmers for their ‘wet’ beans, and conducts its own fermentation and drying, utilizing natural progressive techniques to create the highest quality and flavor possible.

Fossa sorts the premium single-origin cacao by hand, roasts, cracks, winnows, grinds for at least 48 hours, ages for at least a month, then tempers and gold wraps each bar in-house to bring out the purest essence of the origin. Their daring small batch inclusion line is arguably the highlight of their labors. Commonly used in traditional Japanese cuisine, our chewy Yuzu and flaky sea salt inclusions are a beautiful introduction into the fun but sophisticated craft chocolate culinary experience. Our premium gold-stamped bars have fruity tasting notes of creamy biscuity chocolate with a refreshing citrusy aroma. Each box is also cloth gift wrapped by hand in Japanese Furoshiki style with an assortment of floral textiles including Liberty of London™ fabric accompanied by dried flowers.

Our Lovers Observatory artwork is featured on an exclusive number of goods releasing this season from The Farmers Market Global. Lovers Observatory represents the personal journey of co-founders Adrianne Ho and Jake Davis. They hope it inspires others to enjoy their global travels of exploration and hopefully learn a little bit about themselves through other’s unique terroir along the way. Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour. Thank you for supporting high quality chocolate that takes care of farmers globally. Please share with someone you love.

In collaboration with Fossa Chocolate
The Farmers Market Global Organic Dark Milk Chocolate Yuzu Sea Salt Limited Edition

Our limited edition 54% Dark Milk Chocolate Yuzu Sea Salt is an organic handcrafted bean to bar with tasting notes of creamy biscuity chocolate with a refreshing citrusy aroma.

Yuzu is an incredibly aromatic citrus fruit that has the ability to brighten any dish and is commonly used in traditional Japanese cuisine. Chewy dehydrated yuzu peel with sea salt flakes on a bed of creamy, biscuity Tanzania 54% Dark Milk Chocolate.

Organic cacao ethically sourced from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania and meticulously crafted in Fossa Chocolate's atelier in Singapore.

Net Weight 50g

Cacao is a superfood full of antioxidants packed with taste making it a healthy choice to incorporate into your daily diet.

The traditional art of cloth gift wrapped by hand in Japanese Furoshiki 風呂敷 style