At the intersection of agriculture and sport,

The Farmers Market Global is an inclusive concept brand rooted in the culture of the world's farmers markets. At its core are the backyard farmers & foragers, local chefs & artists, and neighborhood cosmopolitan purveyors & shoppers who emcompass the diverse, global but local social fabric.

Founded in 2021 by Adrianne Ho and Jake Davis as a means to collaborate with authentic local businesses on a worldwide stage through grassroots initiatives. Likewise, The Farmers Market Global engages with internationally renowned companies to create stylish, unique and quality products for timeless work, play and leisure. We believe farmers markets bring together a transformative community of ideas, exchange, and commerce for the greater good of the land. The Farmers Market Global honors, champions, and tells the untold stories of these people, products & brands to a global audience through a unified vision of strong design, elevated marketing and premium goods.

With the high rise in food insecurity and dangers of processed foods, The Farmers Market Global is a concept with a cause as its goal is to raise awareness and provide proceeds to food deserts and hunger programs.